Educational tips

Educational tips:

Extracted from a cultural treasury of accumulated years of experience in a field that is important and dear to one’s heart, we offer you a range of educational tips to help raising your children. This experience is composed from books, courses and educational workshops, with the aim of perfecting the delivery of the message in centers and institutions whose members entrust us. And here we are today sparing no effort in providing you with the fruits of this experience, seeking the Almighty Allah to give us the power to influence those raising new generations “parents” in homes, and teachers and instructors in schools and educational institutions.

 First Article:

“Parents” Constitutions

It is the constitution of raising children which parents, fathers or mothers, are tasked with. In this constitution, servants or others can not be commissioned with this responsibility, but a loyal raiser may help. In fact, raising children differs from caring for them, some think they fulfill their responsibilities of raising their children through feeding and clothing them. And as caring is less of important compared to raising children, there is no harm in dedicating part of it to others.


Those who the Almighty Allah has blessed them with offspring must take into account the rights of their children; and must abide by the constitution of proper parenting, which is based on five pillars:


Firstly: Building comprehensive methods

This includes: Beliefs, principals, values, ambitions and the understanding of life.



Secondly: Directing interests:

This includes everything that occupies the human mind, and how mankind would spend their free time.


Thirdly: Honing skills

Including different types of sport, art, intellectual, social, managerial and scientific skills.


Fourthly: Understanding the fundamentals of relationships:

Who to befriend? Who to avoid? How to build, repair or bring a relationship to an end?


Fifthly: Choosing role-models

They are the people who a person aspires to become, as well as understanding the rules that regulate dealing with role-models.


The basics must be instilled in the young generation. Parents must strive to find the best way to make their children able to comprehend and apply these pillars which are considered the basis of a happy life for parents and children.


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