From what I read

From what I read


The best reflections from someone sensing the blessings and turning hard work and effort into gratification, wishing for reward to be from the Almighty Allah.


A teacher’s reflections

The day is coming

To influence every aspect of their lives.. to test their patience .. to shape the future of their thinking .. to change their understanding.. to shape their minds .. the day is coming


All of this?

Yes all of this .. and more


I am not only a teacher of letters and words

But I also build generations

I can be the architect .. or the wrecker

I can either be his role-model, or he could hate education because of me

I am the mother gave birth to him

I am the sister who does not live in the same house with him

I am the friend he sees every day, whether he likes it or not


Now I wonder.. how will I enter this world? In what spirit…with which goals…and with what powers?

Is it just a job that I have to do, duties I have to fulfill?

Or is it another way to satisfy the Almighty Allah and to settle in his heaven .. meeting his Messenger to tell him.. your gracious, I have contributed to building your Ummah (community)….

These are only some reflections I have to think seriously about at the beginning of new academic year.. J

Happy school year to the builders of generations  😍

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