Yes tomorrow is work

Yes tomorrow is work

Thank you Allah for this work while others have none.


Yes tomorrow is work.

Thank you Allah for the source of my livelihood and daily life.

What stops me from needing people’s help and asking for help.


Yes tomorrow is work.

To prove my worth and make my mark.


Yes tomorrow is work.

In safe and secure blessed land.

No place for fearing bombs and weapons.


Yes, tomorrow is work.

In which I thank the Almighty Allah for his blessings to me, while others are still searching for opportunities to work.


Thank Allah for everything, and you will receive more.

*(If ye are grateful, I will add more (favors) unto you)*


Oh Allah bless us with this work to be our livelihood

And bless us and our families with your blessings.

And be merciful with us, and be our shield

Oh Allah, Amen

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