Noon International Academy’s Story


Noon International Academy is the first project of building an educational academy, established with the aim to shape strong generations, proud of their identity, and knowledgeable of Arabic language and Islamic ethics. These generations would be armed with advanced science of the day and fluent in English language. All is offered in a sophisticated educational environment where we support each child and believe in his/her ability.

Our Goals

  • Develop a child’s sense of confidence in himself and others.
  • Provide suitable materials for the child that enable him to explore the surrounding environment.
  • Strengthen the child’s self-esteem.
  • Increase the child’s ability to work and socialise with others and be a team player!
  • Create an environment of acceptance where a child could express his needs and feelings.
  • Develop the spirit of giving and
  • Increase awareness and develop healthy habits and lifestyle in children.
  • Prepare the child for his next educational stage and classes.
  • Encourage the child to make decisions and share his opinion.
  • Enhance the child’s creative ability.